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"The Federal government has decided to prohibit the manufacture, sale, transportation and consumption of all candy and soda throughout the United States."
  • Do you think the government has the right to do this?
  • How will the government enforce this?
  • How would people react?
  1. In my opinion, the government does not have the right to do this because the people who use to work on these type of industries, will now be jobless also they cannot just decide to do something without the consent of the governed as it is stated in the constitution...
  2. In order to enforce it, they'd have to pass laws, close all stores and factories, and place a sort of unit whose purpose will be to investigate and make sure that no clandestine work is being in process...
  3. Since people in America of all ages love their soda, i think that they'd protest...
people would start making it for themselves, hiding it so people don't now; the price would probably go up because some people would still be selling them( just like drugs)


Because of all the problems it causes in families and even the society at that time, the use of alcohol was something people were trying to get rid of. A lot of campaigns against alcohol were made, and finally in 1917, the majority of the states passed several laws against alcoholism. That same year congress passed a law, making it illegal to manufacture, transport, sell and consume alcohol in the United State, this series of laws was known as the 18th amendment... it was ratified in 1919..

Topic: Effects of Prohibition

Best CCQ:

Behind all this situation, one can easily see that there was also at that time what we can identify as being political corruption, because it says that the criminals sometimes, used to pay the government agents so that they could do what they were doing without getting in any trouble.
Main Idea: During the Prohibition Era, not every people in America bought the idea of not drinking alcohol. This situation actually created a lot of criminal activities…
  • Why did the government decide to do that?
  • why would transporting alcohol be illegal, while drinking it wasn't?
· It reduces the amount of alcohol Americans consumed
· Drinking alcohol was not punished by the law or was not illegal…
· One of the biggest challenges was to enforce the law
· People who really wanted to drink alcohol, practiced smuggling operations. They were smart and they’ve never been caught often.
· Only doctors were allowed to give alcohol to their patients as a prescribtion.
· Famous gangsters like “Al Capone” created large criminal networks.
· Even the Federal Government couldn’t keep up with him.
· Even though prohibition lasted during the 1920’s, people couldn’t decide whether it was beneficial or not…
· People made their own alcohol and sold it (bootleggers!).
  • Illegeal bars where alcohol was sold were shut down.

1920’s Glossary.

Based on the your notes from the reading above, write a short letter, short story, or journal entry from the perspective of somebody living in the 1920’s. Your writing piece should include at least 10 of the terms below. Your writing should focus on something that occurred during the prohibition era. Extra Credit can be achieved.

Dear journal,
i guess you're now tired of my entries these days. The thing is that life has changed in many ways and there are a lot of things to talk about. The government has recently passed a new law prohibiting alcohol use all around the country. i heard a lot of people talking about making their own stuff at home but one thing i'm really going to miss is seeing those sexy tomatoes running after their daddys in the streets on saturday nights, because the Feds are shutting down every joints in the corner. This is terrible because some Bimbos use to hook me up with a little something sometime. Now that saturday night whoopees are over, i guess i'll have to find a way to at least find some stupid java or maybe some hooch because i really can't imagine my life without the hair of the dog at least once a month. But in a way it's good though because some flappers won't get drunk meaning that their will be less blind dates and perhaps they won't be taken for a ride at night...

Do Now

  • Do you think that holding a radical idea is against the law? Why or why not?

I don't think that it should be against the law because sometimes, one must be able to express their thoughts otherwise it's like being under some type of restriction regarding your freedom of speech...


WHO: Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo vanzetti - two italian immigrants - Anarchists ( did not believe in the government)
WHAT: Arrested for armed robbery and murder - found guilty and given death sentence - very controversial trial - there was very little evidence - many witnesses said that Sacco and Vanzetti were not there...
WHEN: Arrested in May 1920 - During the Red Scare, executed in 1927
WHERE: Massachussetts - Robbery occured in Quincy
WHY: They were found guilty mainly due to their political beliefs - the government might want to keep them away from society - keep their ideas from spreading - also scare other would be anarchists...

Summary: In my opinion, they are not guilty because based on what the constitution said, one is free to express himself, his thoughts and mind... I think that they had all the rights to do that...
WHy were the 1920's called the roaring 20's?
  • Because of all the changes that happened at that time such as women getting their freedom, prohibition and all the protests.
  • Because of the changes ( especially in women's role in society, freedom to vote)
  • Criminal activities, Al-capone
  • Women wanted prohibition because of domestic violence
  • people did not believe in the government ( SACCO & VANZETTI)